Quick Start — Photo Gallery

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Grab Images From a Page
If you often look for images, do look at our dedicated online image browser OutWit Images
In a photo gallery, in your preferred image search engine, or in any other Web page, you can easily view and grab all the pictures, either as a list in the images view (refresh if they do not appear), or as a live slideshow, by simply clicking on the slideshow button in the navigation panel. (Note: small images can be ignored for the slideshow, depending on preference settings.)

The sample image gallery below is a very standard page where every thumbnail links to a high resolution photograph. OutWit will automatically follow these links and let you view and extract the large images. TIP: During a slideshow, pressing the 'Return' key will automatically move the current image to your catch, allowing you to handpick pictures during the presentation.

sample photo gallery
by jcmgc