About Us

[Update April 1, 2021] We are currently working on a completely revamped version of the OutWit platform. During this time, online sales are suspended but support and custom scraper development will still be available through our new organization, OutWit Services.

Our mission is to provide the Web community with a simple Web automation environment allowing everyone to harvest data elements, documents or media from virtually any public (and legal) source of content. The technology is open and can be integrated in specific developments using its API and wizards, allowing to build simple and efficient ad hoc tools.

The OutWit Platform is composed of a kernel that contains a large library of data recognition and extraction functions, around which an unlimited number of original applications can be developed, using the kernel’s features for specific applications.

Our main application, OutWit Hub, is a multi-purpose harvester, in which we have gathered the largest possible number of features, hoping to cover a very large spectrum of needs. The Hub has now been around for many years and has become an indispensable and flexible tool for non-technical users as well as IT professionals who master programming and yet understand that php is not always the fastest route to efficient data extraction.

Beside the Hub, the purpose of our technology is also to build a collection of simple, one-function applications, destined to private use or released publicly, like OutWit Images, OutWit Docs and Email Sourcer. From simple scrapers for OutWit Hub to custom editions of our products or whole ad hoc applications, we have created thousands of tools for our clients.

The OutWit team