Email Sourcer

Your Email Collection Engine

Grab Contacts From the Web. With the simplest of interfaces (Web page at the top, found results at the bottom), Email Sourcer simplifies and automates your contact sourcing tasks. Simply click on the exploration button and have Sourcer do the work for you.

Email Sourcer explores Web pages for you, automatically looking for email addresses and contact information.

Email Sourcer analyzes the textual content of pages and documents to recognize email addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses and more. Navigating from page to page automatically, it extracts contact information and exports it in the most common formats.

Are you a recruiter looking for candidates? Are you seeking a job, needing human resource contacts in a list of corporations? Do you have a message to send to government officials? Do you want to address a specific business sector for your latest product launch? The Internet is full of open and legitimate sources of contact information for your sourcing researches. The Web, however, is pretty large and your initial enthusiasm may wane a little after your 700th click: Email Sourcer never gets tired of looking.

A Powerful Tool For Everyone: a wealth of navigation functions and powered by OutWit data recognition technology, the program covers a broad range of needs, from searching business contacts in a company to building large databases on whole business sectors territories. The design of the application makes it accessible to anyone. With a single click on the exploration button, you can launch the scraping on hundreds of pages.

Grab & Export contacts to your applications: The contents extracted from a Web page are presented in an easy and visual way, without requiring any programming skills or advanced technical knowledge. Users can easily extract email addresses and, when available, Sourcer tries to associate phone, fax, toll free number, physical address, URL etc. to each email found. With Email Sourcer, you will grab this information from large series of pages without ever seeing the source code. Extracted data can be exported in a click to TXT, CSV, HTML, Excel or SQL databases.