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Simply Turn Websites Into Structured Data

Are you tired of wasting countless hours collecting data through the Web?

Tired of scrolling down search engine results or Websites, copying, pasting, saving, and starting the whole process over again?

Get the Data the Way You Want

Do the job yourself with a Custom Scraper or simply ask for an Excel file.

PackShot Hub

The first version of OutWit Hub was released in 2010. The current version (v9.0) has become a classic, with hundreds of thousands of loyal users. We are now making our tools ready for a few new decades on a modern and radically different framework. The task is huge but we think will be worth your patience.

Find, extract and organize all kinds of data and media from online sources.

Ask us for specific tools to automatically explore series of pages, search engine results, whole Websites and extract contacts, links, images, data, news, etc.

Several editions of our main application are available on Windows, Linux and MacOS 10. The light version will allow you to do basic extractions, the Pro edition will cover most common needs. Expert (single seat) and Enterprise (3 seats or more) will give you a wealth of advanced features. You are an OutWit Hub user and need our help to create a scraper: we are at your disposal. We will build a scraper to navigate from page to page, automatically extract the information objects you need and organize them into usable collections.

If you have a specific extraction task to perform periodically with minimal user interaction and supervision, we will create a streamlined tool for you, to automate this one task. 

You do not have time to learn a new tool and do the extractions yourselves? Ask us to develop the scraper and run it on our servers.


Unlimited Applications

A Powerful Tool For Everyone : with simple intuitive features as well as sophisticated scraping functions and data structure recognition, our tools cover a broad range of needs, from casual to very specific requirements or very large volumes.


News, Articles, Press Releases, Feeds, M&A

Use the built-in RSS feed extractor or, if no feed is available, build your own workflows at the periodicity you want, to extract the latest news from search engines, press sites or from your competitors’ Websites.


Contacts, Sales Leads, Professional Profiles

Use the built-in RSS feed extractor or, if no feed is available, build your own workflows at the periodicity you want, to extract the latest news from search engines, press sites or from your competitors’ Websites.


Job Search, Requests for Proposals, Opportunities

Create macros to regularly check your preferred RFP sources for particular keywords or conditions and save the pertinent ones to your database.


SEO, Page Analysis, Source Verification, Word Count

Monitor key elements in the source code of whole Websites or lists of Webpages. Count posts, words, images, find dead links, meta data, etc.


Deep Web Searches, Extractions, Data Journalism, Research

Explore the depths of unindexed Internet resources, log in to your restricted services and databases or do your own big data extractions for educational research, journalistic investigation, business intelligence…


Social Network Monitoring, Comments, Posts, tweets

Find occurrences of keywords, brand names, products in forums or social network posts. Be the first to get updates with automated jobs, Grab hundreds of thousands or millions of comments for data mining analysis, e-reputation…


e-Commerce, Product Catalogs, Price Monitoring

Collect product names, SKUs, descriptions, prices, availability from e-commerce sites. Benchmark competitors, set periodical scrapes to update your base daily, weekly, monthly…


Ads, Real Estate, HR, Online Services Data Collection

Grab Job listings, real estate ads, events, flight schedules, etc. with complete reliability by making (or having us make) custom scrapers with exactly the data you want and the layout you want.


Images, Documents Search and Download

Explore SERPs, huge lists of links, or of complete Websites, to find images, media, pdf files, Excel spreadsheets and download them to your hard disk or server.

Brand, IP Surveillance & Protection

Set up jobs to look for illegal copies of your work, pirated files, unauthorized distribution of your products, plagiarism…

For more than a decade now, your feedback has been key to enhancing our products. Each report helps us fix problems of course but, through your remarks, you are also keeping us on track to constantly make the application simpler, more pertinent and more powerful.

Don’t hesitate to report problems and give your suggestions. We will answer in a matter of hours. Please, be as precise as possible, with example urls and simple reproducible tests: it will help us help you better.

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